Ilula - Beyond Design

Our Story

ILULA, which means “It’s Simple” began as an idea in which we work and promote the best of local with an international level of quality and sophistication. From wool to mohair, cotton and silk, upcycled / recycled fabrics, ceramics, photography, and beautifully crafted furniture and fittings, artworks and so much more.

ILULA is more than just interiors and design, it’s a story of Natural, Sustainable, Intentional products and design that, along with the environmental sensitivity aspect, also wishes to establish, promote and grow our incredible artisans.

Living in a world that has gone through such incredible change, we see that our initial values are now more pertinent than ever. To support one another and our local artisans, professionals and businesses to grow back and work towards a more sustainable future all while working together. It is through mutual respect and collaboration that this can be achieved. 

For corporate, residential, hospitality and commercial, our aim is to re-define style, luxury, comfort and design in a way that encompasses your personality, brand and aesthetic 

It’s Simple, It’s ILULA